Saturday, February 11, 2017

Weekly Reflection for Week of February 6, 2017

     On Monday we discussed standard 4.2 and genetic mutations. I feel I grasped this concept pretty well in regard to the different kinds of mutations that can occur as well as what their overall impact will be in the genetic sequence. On Tuesday this standard was further elaborated on, which was beneficial in furthering my understanding even more.
     On Wednesday we began our Play Dough animation projects, where I get to work with the lovely Becca to bring out made up gene to life in all of its colorful, doughy glory. This is what the main focus was for the rest of the week, which was fun, although I find myself being lost in the processes sometimes. Many things are very similar with slight changes, and that's something that throws me off and something I plan to improve on. The stuff that especially tripped me up was the first three part Vodcast of this domain.
     Doing the second three-part Vodcast on the side of this was interesting. I sat down and did the whole thing in one go (which I was very proud of) and it was something I found very interesting since technology has always been something I have been fascinated with. I look forward to collaborating with my peers on Monday (or maybe Tuesday *crosses fingers for snow*) to see if they share the same excitement, as well as to hear their ethical thoughts in regard to genetic testing and modification.

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