Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weekly Reflection for the Week of March 27, 2017

     This week, there was a major emphasis on review of inheritance and genetics. The activities we did throughout the week, looking at standards 4.5 - 4.9, really helped me in remembering different forms of inheritance and how they worked. This was something that came to me a little more easily because it was something I did very well on freshman year, and it's easier for me to remember things that I both enjoyed and was good at. My favorite activity of the week was working with the virtual flies and discovering the dominance and recessive patterns of particular traits. I discovered that singed back was a sex linked trait which was unintentional but good because it was similar to another example in the packet that confused me, so it was good to do it again and be reassured. All and all, I am looking forwards to getting to work even more on inheritance and genetics.

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