Sunday, June 11, 2017

Genius Hour #5: A Wild Goose Chase

     Hey there, reader. This post won't actually have any real information about my project, but it will be a fun anecdote explaining how long and convoluted my process was to get where I am now in regard to my project.
     So I started off my Saturday like any other day off. Just kidding, I never have days off. But anyways, I went to go pick up my paycheck from work. At work, my boss told me that there was an error with the shipping of the citric acid and that the sending address was all wrong and the order canceled. After looking into it for another solid length of time, she determined that actually, it sent to the PO box so I could go pick it up. Having never been to this post office before, I was super anxious. Especially since I didn't know our box number or have a key. So I got there and just told the woman that I was picking up a package for the Funky Bubble. Luckily, no questions were asked and I got the box and brought it back to my car. Citric acid acquired, mission complete! Just kidding.
     So I get home yesterday afternoon, and I'm determined to start running my other trials. But when I get home I realize: all of my project equipment is at home. Yikes. From here I have to drive all the way back to the store and ask my boss if I could just cash my check at TD instead of Citizens so I could get the money right away. She said she had no idea. Oh boy. So I called TD and asked them and they said either it would be free or they would charge me and there was no way of knowing until I got there. Because I had literally no money with me, I had to borrow some from my boss just in case.
     At the bank, it turns out they don't actually charge me (thank god). So now I have all of my money I need and I can give my boss her ten dollar bill back and everything will be a-okay. From the store (which I have now been at four times in one day), I trek to Walmart and pick up all my ingredients and pray nothing was missed and that I have some substitutes for these products at home. Luckily I was able to make all my purchases, however, it was relatively late in the day by the time I got home and I had late afternoon commitments, so I had to push off until Sunday. Hello, it is Sunday. Stay Tuned.

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