Sunday, June 4, 2017

Genius Hour #4 - Doing Even More Acid

     With the first attempt of switching out the citric acid in the bath bomb recipe being unsuccessful, to say the least, I decided to give the test another go. This time, I'd actually switch out the acid active in the recipe and would also hope the end result would be a little less...gross. To do this, I would be replacing the citric acid with vitamin C, which is also known as ascorbic acid. The new equation for the reaction would be as follows:


It should be noted that the chemical makeup of these two acids is very similar. The only difference is the amount of oxygen. Since oxygen plays part in the release of carbon dioxide in the reaction, which explains why the bomb didn't dissolve as well and that there was less "fizz" happening when the bomb hit the water.

All and all though, the biggest problem I'm facing right now is that my citric acid is gone and after asking my boss if she could order the citric acid three different times and she didn't so I had to order it yesterday so I will be able to make new bombs within the week when it comes to the store!  

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