Sunday, June 26, 2016

EASH - #20

Like I said, I designated Tait as my AP Bio scavenger hunt person (even though he graduated, and didn't even take this class, but that's besides the point). So naturally, we dedicated the entire morning to doing some easier, knock-it-off-the-list scavenger hunt stuff. So the first thing we did was show up to the Weather Discovery Center. We didn't actually know we had to pay to get in, but since we now were three dollars less than where we thought we would be, we decided to get our money's worth. Not only did we go into the shack, (even though Tait got annoyed with the noise and ended up emergency stopping it, causing me to ride solo for the full round #2) but we also had lots of fun with the tornado, the air cannon, and the little windy sail boat thing which Tait eventually raged out at because I was "hitting all the wrong buttons" (I call baloney on that).

June 24, 2016

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