Monday, May 29, 2017

Genius Hour #3: Doing Some Acid

     So the first trial I did in my experiment was with switching (or trying to switch) the citric acid in the recipe. My boss suggested a sort of "Pinterest hack"she found where the citric acid is replaced by the drink mix Crystal Light. After this I also realized that the first ingredient in Crystal Light was citric acid. So, there goes that idea. Also, not to mention that when trying to make the bath bombs they fizzed out in a super gross way and it was super chunky and the lemon scent was way too powerful.
     Because this test was a resounding failure, I'm going to try and switch the acid in the recipe with another weak acid to see if the effects of that are any different. I'm currently in a position where I'm trying to figure out which new weak acid I should replace citric acid with in the new recipe, which I'll probably do tomorrow and see how that goes, stay tuned.

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